Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 27

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Warm Up 1-6 Problem Solving  Launch in Student Companion
  2. Write you algebraic expression on Google Classroom. Press "turn in" when you are finished.
  3. Put the title in your table of contents: 1-6 Problem Solving.
  4. Add the title to the next available page. Remember to add the date.
  5. Write the Focus Question in your Notebook


  • Intro Part 1 Bar diagram Addition and Subtraction
  • Example Part 1
  • "Got It" Part 1 in Student Companion
  • "Got It" Part 1 in Student Companion

  • Intro Part 2 Bar Diagram Multiplication and Division
  • Example Part 2
  • "Got It" Part 2 in Student Companion

  • Answer the Focus Question in in your Student Companion
  • Close and Check


  1. Lesson 1-6 Problem Solving

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